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Concession Stand Volunteer and Manager Sign-up

Posted Mon Mar 14th, 2016 12:57:PM

One of our ongoing team fundraisers is being responsible for running the concessions at Shea Stadium for all home games for every sport except Football. The expectation is that at least one member from each family signs up to work in the concession stand for at least 1 game during the year (as a volunteer or a Manager) The boys can...[MORE]

Fundraise with King Soopers Cards

Posted Sat Feb 20th, 2016 2:55:PM

Mountain Vista Lacrosse uses King Soopers Cards as a perpetual fundraiser. Here's how they work: Purchase a card from Lisa Medina for $2.50 (the card comes with $2.50 on it) When you are purchasing groceries or gas at King Soopers, load money onto the card right at the checkout counter (do this before they start scanning) When it's time to pay, use the King...[MORE]

Personalized Golden Eagle Player Sign

Posted Thu Sep 25th, 2014 4:53:PM

  Golden Eagle Country Boards with individual (student) name boards are available to all Mountain Vista High School students. Proceeds benefit the boy’s Lacrosse program. The Golden Eagle Country Board set includes one Golden Eagle Country board, one individual name board with up to two activity...[MORE]

Initial Rosters

Posted Thu Mar 3rd, 2016 1:36:PM

See Rosters Below: KEY: V is varsity, V/S is guys who will practice and suit varsity, but play JV1 games JV1 is JV Gold JV2 is JV Green 3 is Level 3.  Team/# Last First Year Pstn Pinnie sz   Team/# Last First Year Pstn Pinnie sz FRESHMEN (23)   SOPHOMORES (34) 3 Arnold Michael FR M     JV2 Bahr Hunter SO M   JV2 Austin Ryan FR M     JV2 Blandon Guillermo SO M   JV1 Barker Grayson FR A     JV1 Bocker Jack SO D   3 Bewley Dawson FR       V Bonjean Griffin SO M   JV1 Brown Luke FR M     V/S Breeling Garrett SO G   3 Caronia Christian FR       V Courington Joe SO M   3 Carr Justin FR D     JV1 Cramer Taylor SO A   3 Cushing Nate FR       V/S Cross Duncan SO D   JV2 Duran -Phelps Russell FR A     3 Fisch Devin SO M   JV2 Hofmann Marcus FR A     V Govett Jake SO A   3 Hursh Griffin FR M     3 Guilbert Nicolas SO     3 Ingram Lon FR D     V Hancock Cam SO M   V May Simon FR D     JV1 Hass Mason SO A   V McFarlane Jack FR       V Hirshorn Jonah SO G   3 Parente Johnathan FR L     3 Hobbs Riley SO D   JV1 Phillips Grant FR D     V/S Hofer Quade SO L   JV1 Potvin Matt FR L     JV1 Jasper Trent SO A   JV1 Reed Tyler FR A     JV1 Jasper Trevor SO M   3 Soderholm Owen FR D     JV1 Kellar Mason SO     3 Torres Jared FR L     V Lindauer Jack SO L   JV2 Trust Garrett FR G     V/S Markovich Todd SO M   JV1 Ware Blaine FR L     JV2 Mitchell Matthew SO M   JV2 Webster Jacob FR D     V Nolta Landon SO M    3 Cameron Foland FR       V Nunes Ryan SO M   MANAGERS (6)   JV2 Sabin Ryan SO M     Brouk Abby JR       3 Schroeder Colton SO A     Friesen Emma JR       JV2 Smith Tanner SO       MacArthur Jordan SO       JV2 Talamantes Tyler SO M     Martin Mackenzie SR       3 Torres Jake SO D     Moede Jordan SR       JV2 Trotter Zac SO D     Murray Brey JR       JV2 Weber Adam SO D                 3 Weber Austen SO D   JUNIORS (15)   V Whiteside Colton SO D   JV2 Adams Ethan JR       3 Zemann Ty SO D   JV2 Barry Riley JR A      V/S  Brennan Micheal SO     JV1 Cano Andy JR M     SENIORS (13) JV2 Doddemeade Matthew JR A     JV1 Anker Roman SR A   V Erickson Judd JR D     V Bonjean Logan SR D   V Frane Jacob JR M     V Boyer Paxton SR G   JV2 Friel Jordan JR L       Foster Nathan SR     V Gale Cooper JR       V Harvey Jake SR A   V Larson Matthew JR L     V Hirshorn Noah SR M   V LeCompte Jimmie JR G     JV1 Jones Ethan SR M   V Mahoney Cameron JR M     V Medina Andrew SR M   V Munro Colin JR A     V Mills Kyler SR     V Oren Brad JR M     JV1 Netherland Tyler SR M   V Place Evan JR A     V Petau Coby SR A   V Tonner Hunter JR M     V Secor William SR M                 V Papp Ryan SR M